Friday, October 11, 2013

How to be a Smart Shopper

Being a smart shopper is the key to knowing what you need from what you want.  Queen Bee wants to give you the proper tips on how to be a smart shopper. Your hard earned money should be spent at the right time, in the right place, and on the right products. Am I right, or right?

Here are the best tips:

1. Don't shop ahead. I know, you've been hearing differently all these years. Truth is when you shop for winter in the summer, you buy clothes that you will no longer like when winter rolls around. The truth stings, I'm aware. I understand that big sales come around and you feel like you just have to have that hot pink vest while it's 70% off, but then you realize that no one is wearing hot pink vests anymore by next year and it just collects dust in your closet. Unless it's something of divine quality and it's considered a classic - such as a Gucci Boston or a Chanel scarf - don't shop ahead.

2. Try your best to differentiate between "want" and "need." Yeah, yeah - you absolutely NEED those rhinestone stiletto heels to wear when you go out on "girls" night twice a year. Think it over, ladies. I promise you, I had such a hard time with this rule because it turns out, I want what I wanted really bad. I just tried to turn it into something I needed. Point is - if you don't need it, you don't need it. But don't get me wrong, splurge and live every once in a while. You deserve it.

3. For parents: Don't let your kids talk you into ridiculous investments - such as a waterproof game system with 18 controller outlets.  That's a joke by the way.

4. If you're grocery shopping - don't do it while you're hungry. Personal experience here - no explanation needed.

5. Shop around first. View you're favorite stores competitors prices before forking out money on pricey items. For example: offers up to 65% off of designer brand name prices. It's SO much better than paying $1200 for a designer handbag when you would only pay $800 at Queen Bee! :)

6. Last, but not least - shop for quality. This is a tricky rule though. Sometimes off brand cereal is way better than the real deal. In that case, off brand is of better quality. Knock off handbags, on the other hand, is not better than the real deal. Or, when you're on the hunt for riding boots, go ahead and buy the leather ones. Why? Because if you buy the "good enough" ones, then next year, you will be on the same hunt again - and genuine leather boots lasts for YEARS! Therefore, you spend less in the long run going ahead and buying what you wanted in the first place.

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