Friday, September 13, 2013

Cheap versus Worthy

Money is a big deal. Obviously. And being thrifty and being cheap are total opposites. Sometimes you get a good deal on good products and other times you get a good deal on something that worth nothing. Here are a few ways to spot IMPOSTORS.

1. Look at the seams. Crappy and weak seams mean crappy products. Trust.
2. Closely inspect the fabric. One important rule: Be very concerned if the product looks highly flammable... Like the kind of flammable that if you stepped out into the sun, it would die in flames.
If it's not extremely soft, it's not good. Unless it's brand new leather... then you must give it a little time. It'll be soft in no time after use.
3. Beware of immatation fabrics. For example: "cashmiracle" or "fleather." Don't buy it.
4. And last, but not least... Just try it on. If you don't love it, you wont use or wear it.

Splurge on:
Designer Handbags
Drinking water

You wont regret it.

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