Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Your Handbag Says About You

What your handbag says about you: 
The bag you carry tells people who you are- for better or worse! Show yourself off to your best advantage: The next time you step out, give extra thought to what your bag is saying about you.

How important is 'the right bag'? What could 'the right bag' possibly mean? One thing's for certain, a good bag is lovingly tended, well made and looks fabulous. It doesn't have to match whatever else you're wearing, but it must at least complement your getup. Yes, this does matter. Put another way: How many times have you purchased a handbag without regard to the rest of your wardrobe? Handbags are suppose to be accessories, a condiment to add panache to the main course. In other words, the bag must work with the outfit. Take time to choose your bag.

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills
Gucci Diamonte Backpack
The backpack: Warm, casual and busy, you are young in years - or at heart. A backpack (even if it's a Gucci backpack) will never work with a gown, but a designer backpack adds flare to office trousers or a leather skirt.

Prada designer handbag
Prada Bowling Bag
The shoulder bag: Practical, attractive and always appropriate - both the bag and the woman holding it. You appreciate the power of looking food, but you refuse to be like a fashion victim.

The designer handbag: You know what's hot before Vogue! Avoid fashion burn out by occasionally going for the cloth bag your auntie made.

The colorful tote: You're fun, youthful, and generous, with things to do, and places to go. If you'd like a more chic persona, try a well made leather tote in a neutral shade.

Yves Saint Laurent YSL wristlet
YSL clutch
The bumbag: A bumbag says frumpy. It says tourist. Some advice: A long-strapped cross body bag provides security you crave with making you a fashion don't.

The clutch: You are confident, a man's woman who just may allow him to hold your keys, lighter, and whatever else won't fit into your showy bag.

Advice for handbag addicts:
Do you have more handbags than shirts? More purses than pants?
Consider revising the formula: Buy your handbags first, then plan your outfits around them.

An excerpt from the book, Handbags.

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