Friday, May 31, 2013

Identity and Individuality: Love Designer Bags

On a basic level, the handbag is a practical container that helps the owner venture from place to place.  In today's world, a woman identifies herself with her handbag.  I am my handbag.  My handbag is me.  A dynamic duo. My handbag doesn't just belong to me: it is me, my alter ego.  The identity that an average handbag contains: driver's license, social security card, health insurance card, credit cards - proof of who you are.  A woman's purse has as many identities as she does: portable office, photo gallery, pharmacy, bank, cafeteria...therefore, if lost, it must be replaced immediately so the owner can get on with her life.

Understanding handbags as an extension of identity, women often use them to enhance individuality to make themselves stand out.  It's a conversation piece, chosen to turn heads or act as an ice-breaker.  Many women use essentially one bag.  It must work with her basic identity and lifestyle as a whole.

In choosing a purse, I look at function and color. I also like it if the handbag has an outside pocket...that's just me.  But mainly it's whether the purse grabs you.  It calls your name, and you just have to have it! I love designer handbags!

Need an idea of what's the latest style? Here are a few fashion blogs that give you street style along with the news about trends and who's wearing who: and Bag Bliss.

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