Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's: A Change for Change

People use New Years as justification for changing everything about themselves, right? We've all seen the "New Year, new me" status update on Facebook and Twitter. But why not just buy something that makes you feel great about the person you already are? You know, depending on the types the things you like. If you love shoes, buy shoes that literally knock your socks off! If you love cars.... well, I'm not saying go out and buy a car, but test driving never hurt anyone. If you're like me, you love handbags- leather handbags, handbags with fur, chained clutches... pretty much much anything that screams, "I should be in your closet!" Think about it though. A handbag is something that hold all the other stuff you love. You can sneak food into the movie theater, you can strut like you were born to model, it carries your lipstick- basically, the possibilities are endless. If handbags and accessories are your thing, you always know who you can turn to. That's right! Queen Bee is the go-to-gal for designer bags at discounted prices... I'm just saying. I have even picked out a few of our favorites that could possibly turn into a few of your own! 

First we have the Gucci Sukey 

Next, we have the YSL Brown Mombasa Horn Hobo

Last, but not least, we have the Gucci Joy Medium Boston Bag - Champagne