Friday, November 9, 2012

Britney Spears? Fabulous!

We should all just agree the Britney Spears has came a long way throughout the rises and falls in her career, right? RIGHT! She looks absolutely stunning in Lucky's December 2012 issue! I also must say that her outfit is fabulous! I'll even go over with you! First of all, that black polka doted sheer shirt.... adorable. BUT, then she decides that "adorable" is not that look that she wants to go for and adds that beautifully crafted red shirt with the pink belt. I absolutely love the combination! It's color blocking in the most daring way!

As I looked at this cover, in my head I was thinking, "Where in the heck is her handbag? Every lady needs a handbag!" Needless to say, I was rambling through our website looking for the perfect bag that should have put her outfit over the top! On our website, I found this Silver YSL Y-Mail Clutch and I was like, "Ahhhhhh, perfect!" Even though I know it didn't do much justice to complete her outfit in my head, I just felt the need anyway.

But of course that is enough imaginative adventure rants for today! I hope everyone has a safe weekend!